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No Fault State Versus Tort State

It is important to recognize the penalties of driving without car insurance to better understand your legal rights in case of an auto accident. Below are the differences between a “no-fault” and “tort” state to better understand the consequences of not owning insurance where you live.

  • “No fault”: If an individual is hurt in an auto accident, the driver is supposed to seek compensation from their own insurance company. If you do not own insurance but were in an auto accident and were at fault, the other driver cannot make you a defendant in a lawsuit in order to pursue compensation. If you were to have a lawsuit filed against you for not owning insurance, you would be required to pay for a lawyer and the damages to the other driver out of your own pocket.
  • “Tort”: If you were to get into a car accident and the other driver was injured, then that driver can sue you for their injuries. If you do not own a car insurance policy, it is your responsibility to pay for them out of your own pocket. If you were in an accident and it was the other driver’s fault, you are limited to what types of compensation you can receive with or without a lawyer. Look to Staskus Law Firm when seeking a car accident lawyer in San Jose, CA.

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3 Tips for Pedestrian Safety

You may have heard in driving school that pedestrians always have the right of way! While this may be true, it is still the pedestrian’s responsibility to be cautious and aware at all times. Below we have come up with three tips to help with pedestrian safety.

  1. Be Visible

It is important to wear light and reflective clothing at all times during the day to help you stand out to other drivers on the road. When planning your route, it is best to walk in well-lit areas to ensure other drivers can see you on the sidewalks and crosswalks.

  1. Be Cautious

Staying alert is a must as a pedestrian. It is vital to not use a smartphone or other electronic devices while walking to ensure you see everything around you. Also, it is best to not listen to music because our ears can be a great tool to help us be aware of our surroundings.

  1. Follow the Rule of the Road

As a pedestrian, it is our responsibility to understand traffic laws, signs and signals. It is important to only cross the street using crosswalks and utilizing sidewalks for safety purposes. A good rule of thumb to remember as a pedestrian is to never assume a driver will give you the right away.

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