Pedestrian Accident- Injury Lawyer in Campbell, CA

At Staskus Law Firm, we believe that pedestrians have the right of way when it comes to personal injuries in a pedestrian accident. When it comes to choosing an injury lawyer in Campbell, CA, you should look to our dedicated lawyers who will work endlessly to provide you with just compensation to help you with your claim. Although drivers are supposed to yield to pedestrians, and pedestrians are expected to follow safety laws to help alleviate accidents, we know that is not always the case.

If you have suffered a personal injury as a pedestrian due to a driver’s negligence, you should turn to our injury lawyer in San Jose, CA to help you receive financial compensation and sound legal advice. Our attorney in Santa Clara, CA understands the inconvenience and pain of an accident and strives to do everything in our power to help you gain the rewards you deserve. Contact our office today at (844) 286-5241 to schedule a free consultation.