The Leading Auto Accident Lawyer in San Jose, CA You Need For Your Case

The key issue in a car crash is determining who is at fault. Trust in the experienced auto accident lawyer in San Jose, CA, Kim Staskus, for skilled representation. With years of experience working numerous cases, Kim Staskus will help you determine fault in your auto accident case.

Our team of trusted legal advisers works closely with our clients throughout the legal proceedings to help you recover what you have lost in wages, paid in medical bills, and suffered in pain and distress from the accident. Our law office and highly rated auto accident lawyer in San Jose, CA wants you to be justly compensated for your losses. Call us today for a consultation about your case.

Finding Fault in Car Crashes

It may seem simple to determine fault in an automobile accident; however, that is not always the case. That is why you need a determined auto accident lawyer in San Jose, CA, such as Kim Staskus, to sift through the information and find the facts of the case. According to the law, every driver has a duty to proceed with proper care and caution. The process for determining fault lies in establishing which driver did not follow the proper rules of the road and that this neglect caused the accident.

Depending on what is discovered by our auto accident lawyer in San Jose, CA there may be shared fault in a car accident claim. In that case, the damages would be less than there were if one driver were clearly and solely at fault. Trust in our auto accident lawyer in San Jose, CA to find out the truth of the matter and represent you with zeal and courage in litigation services.

Quick Action for the Best Outcome

Time is important when investigating auto accidents. In a best-case scenario, witnesses are interviewed on the scene following the crash and evidence is gathered then and there. We realize that this may not be possible in your case, but we recommend that you get in touch with us as soon as you can after a crash. The fresher the evidence you have, the stronger your case. Reach out to our auto accident lawyer in San Jose, CA, for capable legal assistance when you are the victim of a car crash.


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