Catastrophic Injury

Experienced Catastrophic Injury Attorney in San Jose, CA

A catastrophe is a disaster of immense impact and scale. Likewise, a catastrophic injury is a life-threatening injury that has long-term consequences. For cases that involve such serious and severe injuries, turn to the catastrophic injury attorney at Staskus Law Firm, PC, in San Jose, California.

The principal of our law office has more than 40 years of experience. Kim Staskus has the skill and knowledge to help your loved one receive the justice he or she deserves. In civil cases, litigation services are the venue to seek monetary compensation for injuries and losses.

Long-Term Consequences Require Fair Compensation
An individual who has suffered a catastrophic injury likely faces months or years of medical treatment that may include extensive surgeries and lengthy rehabilitation. In many cases, this injury either limits the individual’s ability to work or does not allow the victim to work at all. This person is facing a future with severely limited prospects due to this injury. To file a catastrophic injury claim for your family member, reach out to our lawyer for a consultation.

Examples of catastrophic injuries include partial or total paralysis, loss of an arm or leg, severe burns, and spinal cord injuries. The extent of the injuries and the resources that are required for medical treatment require an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer to take this case to court. During his decades of practice, Mr. Staskus has won jury verdicts and settlements that pay living and medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering, to individuals with catastrophic injuries.

Your loved one’s future depends on fair and just compensation for a catastrophic injury. There are time limits on filing, caps on compensation, and concerns about shared liability. You need a thoroughly capable attorney who specializes in personal injury to seek justice for your loved one.