Top Causes of Car Accidents

car accident attorney Campbell CAAs unfortunate as it is, accidents come with the territory of driving. The dedicated lawyers at Staskus Law Firm, ensure our clients receive the just compensation they deserve when hurt in a car accident. We strive to educate our clients to increase awareness and possibly save a life. Below we have listed the common causes of accidents to help avoid such situations.

  1. Cell Phones

When it comes to texting and driving, please remember that any message can wait until you are out of the car. Cell phones are one of the most popular causes of wrecks because it causes the driver to take their eyes off the road. Looking down at your phone for even a second can result in an accident.

  1. Rain

Weather is a huge source of car accidents due to the wet roads and hindered visibility. Driving in the rain can cause cars to hydroplane and skid when braking. If the weather is too bad to drive in, we recommend pulling off the side of the road with your hazards on until the rain clears up.

  1. Daily Distractions

Often, drivers will get distracted by everyday tasks, such as eating fast food or applying makeup while driving. These actions divert your eyes and attention away from the road, which can result in an accident.

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