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Preventative Steps to Avoid a Slip and Fall Injury in the Food Industry

injury lawyer Campbell CAIt should come as no surprise that in the food and restaurant industry, there are many incidences of slip and fall injuries. From constantly hurrying from the kitchen where grease spills are prevalent and dishes are washed to taking your tables trays of water and food, there is plenty of room for accidents in a restaurant. Below we have preventative steps your restaurant and yourself should take to protect yourself from a slip and fall injury.

  • Wear appropriate non-slip footwear when serving in a restaurant. These shoes not only protect your feet from spills and sharp objects in the kitchen but also work great at combating falls. Due to the heavy duty material that these shoes are made from, they help to prevent slipping on water and other similar materials often found in the food industry.
  • For restaurant owners, it is imperative to put up safety cones for areas that are prone to slipping accident. It is also necessary for the safety of your employees and guests to put up warning cones for other sections of the restaurant that are currently hazardous due to spills or messes that haven’t been properly cleaned.
  • Since the kitchen area is a busy environment, it is a good idea to invest in staff members that are solely responsible for cleaning and keeping the kitchen safe.

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Safety Tips for Riding a Bicycle

injury lawyer Campbell CARegardless if you are riding your bicycle for a joy ride or your daily commute to the office, you should take the same safety precautions as if you were driving a four-wheel vehicle. At Staskus Law Firm, our dedicated lawyers are here to help our clients receive the compensation they deserve if they were hurt in a bicycle accident. To help raise awareness, we have created our list of safety tips for riding a bicycle.

  • Wearing a helmet is a simple step to possibly saving your life.
  • Always obey traffic laws, road signs, and lights.
  • Although you are operating a bike, it is vital you take the same precautions as driving a car.
  • It is important to stay visible to other drivers on the road by wearing reflective gear at night and riding in the appropriate bike lanes.
  • Never assume drivers can see you. Using hand signals and making eye contact when turning is a great habit of using every time you ride your bicycle.
  • Riding with the flow of traffic and going in the same direction is the best riding strategy.
  • Properly check over your bicycle to check for maintenance issues and needed repairs.
  • Pay attention to the road and keep your ears and eyes aware of your surroundings.

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